"We have great faculty who are not just great at teaching archaeology and teaching the Bible, but they are great archaeologists."

Cameron Coyle, 2013 Field Archaeologist


Press Releases

2016 Press Releases:
2016 Haaretz Article: King Solomon-era Palace Found in Biblical Gezer

See the gameboard from the 2014 excavations in a discussion of gameboards in "Twenty Squares: An Ancient Board Game," by Anne-Elizabeth Dunn-Vaturi.

Posted: Tuesday, December 9, 2014

2014 Press Releases:
2014 Press Release: The Scroll (SWBTS)
Jerusalem Post-Sept 27, 2014
2014 Field Update-Dig continues during conflict
2014 Student ASOR report

2013 Press Releases:
2013 Press Release: The Scroll (SWBTS)
Popular Archaeology
Haaretz Article

2012 Press Releases
The Scroll: Discovery of boundary inscription

2011 Press Releases:
Gateway (GGBTS News): "Digging in Israel"-report on Gary Arbino and GGBTS students

2008 Press Release: Israel Antiquities Authority-Summary of 2008 Summer Season

2007 Press Releases
    2007 Press Release: Israel Antiquities Authority
    The Scroll (SWBTS)
    The Scroll (SWBTS) : Tel Gezer Project on cover of BAR

2006 Press Release
2006 Press Release: King Solomon-era fortifications revealed
The Scroll: