"We have great faculty who are not just great at teaching archaeology and teaching the Bible, but they are great archaeologists."

Cameron Coyle, 2013 Field Archaeologist


Aerial Views

 Aerial views of the Excavation Fields.

  • Aerial of Site
    Aerial of Site
  • Aerial of Site (2)
    Aerial of Site (2)
  • Aerial-High Place
    Aerial-High Place
  • Aerial: Solomonic Gate
    Aerial: Solomonic Gate
  • Aerial
    Aerial-2008 Season
  • Aerial from North
    Aerial from North
  • Aerial of Administrative Qtr-looking East
    Aerial of Field B (2008)
  • Aerial Field B and HUC Field VII
    Aerial-Domestic Qtr (with HUC Field VII):2008
  • Aerial of Field A (3)
    Aerial of Building B (8th c.)