"We have great faculty who are not just great at teaching archaeology and teaching the Bible, but they are great archaeologists."

Cameron Coyle, 2013 Field Archaeologist



 This gallery contains plans and photos.

  • 8th c. admin bldgs
    8th c. admin bldgs
  • Hellenistic Plan
    Hellenistic Plan
  • Stratum 6B (8th c)
    Stratum 6B (8th c)
  • Domestic Qtr Plan
    Domestic Qtr Plan
  • Four-room House
    Four-room House
  • Four room house
    Four room house
  • Stratum 7 (9th c)
    Stratum 7 (9th c)
  • Stra 7-Domestic Complexes
    Stra 7-Domestic Complexes
  • Str 8 (10th c)
    Str 8 (10th c)
  • Field W-10th c.
    Field W-10th c.
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